6 Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal


Green, brown, and red town-style business buildings


You scrutinize every aspect of your business, from marketing to maintenance, to give your business every opportunity to excel. The one part of a business most often noticed by others and overlooked by business owners is the importance of your business’s curb appeal.


What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your business when viewed from the street. This encompasses your building’s physical façade, signage, sidewalks, landscaping, exterior furnishings, and view of the inside of the building from the exterior. So how can you attract people to your business before they ever enter the door?


Clean it up

You stay so busy operating your business that dirt and grime on the exterior of your building can sneak up on you. Ensuring the facade, awnings, sidewalks, windows, and outdoor fixtures or furnishings of your business are kept clean is the first step towards a good first impression.


Splash of color

Add visual interest with paint. This could be the actual building, a bright awning, large flower pots, or exterior furniture. Adding visual interest with color is an easy and effective way to increase curb appeal.


Update your signage

Whether new paint or complete rebranding, updating your signage shows pride in your business.



Exterior light can set the mood for your business environment, provide an element of safety and security, and be a decorative element.



Adding a bike rack encourages more traffic to your business and shows your ability to adapt to your customers’ various needs.



Seasonal decor, sandwich boards, and window displays can all draw the eye and provide additional marketing opportunities.


Updating your business’s curb appeal not only draws people to your location but also provides reference points when people discuss your business with others. Making sure those reference points are all positive is easily achieved with a few updates to your curb appeal. Painter Bros has the knowledge and experience to help you boost your business’s curb appeal. Give us a call for a consultation today.