Top Five 2021 Paint Colors


Ultimate gray and illuminating with paint can


Do you believe that your emotional state is closely influenced by your environment? If so, then it’s barely surprising that after the year that was 2020, everyone needs some calm as we try to navigate through our lives in 2021. Designers and color experts alike forecast an upturn in warm, neutral colors, marrying gray and beige pallets, as well as delicate off-white hues. Take a look at some of the colors that you’ll be seeing plenty of in 2021.


Swaddle your home interior with rich, deep, tones and new optimistic neutrals this spring. The combination of these shades produce the perfect environment for practicing mindfulness and re-imagining your home space. Painter Bros. has put together a list of 2021 paint colors that are currently trending.


2021 Paint Colors You’ll See Everywhere


  1. Transcend      Transcend Color Swatch

Transcend by PPG is a brown sugar shaded beige with a midtone and gingerbread hue. Transcend is an ideal color for any room in your home that you want to create a warm sophisticated atmosphere.


  1. Illuminating and Ultimate Gray      Illuminating yellow and ultimate gray color swatch

Gray is versatile and neutral, using Ultimate Gray and Illuminating by Pantone, partnered with your favorite shade of zingy yellows, and you’ve created an energizing feel and flow to the room. Selecting two autonomous colors will highlight the difference in how themes join together and uplift your environment.


  1. Sap Green      Sap green color swatch

A little green can do amazing things when spending lots of time indoors. Try the Sap Green by Farrow & Ball, like Olive green, are colors that can perfect a space.  If you’re looking to embrace a bold mid-century green with a modern flair while being one with nature, serenity and a calm peace.


  1.  Aegean Teal      Aegean teal color swatch

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore combines serene blue, soothing gray, and natural green which makes it an obvious choice for bedrooms or living rooms, you can even consider cabinets with this palette of green hues. Aegean Teal combines brilliantly with neutral warm colors like beige and cream-colored hues.


  1. Big Cypress      Big cypress color swatch

Big Cypress, with its orange and ginger hues tend to blend well into mahogany and cherry wood, and it also exudes hints of a golden tinge. Create a sense of warmth and calming with the earthy tone of big cypress.


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