Home Exterior & Paint Neglect


Home exterior paint job and roller


Your home’s exterior paint color defines its outer personality to guests and passersby — whether it’s a conservative colored hue or a vibrant pop of boldness, your home’s exterior paint can transform your home, which in turn increases its curb appeal, its value, and boosts its beauty.  But what do you do when you start to notice that your home’s exterior color has started to fade, crack, or chip, increasing the chance of property damage to your house?


Did You Know That Exterior Paint Is More Than Just Beauty?


People tend to remember the house with the colorful landscaped lawn and the bright paint color with the popping door. Nonetheless, exterior paint is about more than looks, paint also shields your home against damage from rain, hail, strong winds, snow, or just simply the blustery cold and scorching heat.

Paint can also prevent the siding and frame of your home from deteriorating due to dampness and rot. Therefore, it’s crucial to take notice of the little chips of paint here and cracks there, as those are the tell-tale signs that it may be time for an exterior paint job.

Painter Bros has put together a list of signs to look for that will alert you that it’s time to update your home’s exterior paint job.


Four Signs That You Need To Paint Your Home’s Exterior


  1. Paint Is Fading

Have you ever heard of those ultraviolet rays coming from the sun? Well, that could be your home exterior’s worst nightmare. Ultraviolet rays can mess up the pigment of colors like yellow, blue and red and make them appear discolored. Additionally, if your home gets more sun as opposed to shade, this can also cause your paint to fade. Consider speaking with our experts about using paint with UV protection or a UV sealant to block against UV rays.


  1. Is the Caulking Cracking

To properly seal holes, gaps and cracks, to ensure insulation, and to make sure that paint goes on smoothly, caulk is used. Not to mention that caulk can also assist in keeping pests and water out. If you notice that your caulking is starting to crack, it’s just a matter of time before your paint starts to crack and break off as well. These cracks leave space for mold, insects, rodents and moisture, so new caulking and a new paint job is needed at this point.


  1. Noticing Mold and Stains

If you notice red, green, or black stains on the exterior of your house, these are signs of mold, mildew and fungus and this can happen whether you’re in a cold or hot climate. If your exterior paint needs to be updated due to mold or mildew, Painter Bros can professionally remedy the situation and give you a beautiful finish.


  1. Wood Is Damaged

If you notice that your wood is raised, or the surface is uneven or rough and paint is lifting and peeling, this is a sign of moisture or water trickling into your home. There are steps to repairing this type of paint damage and your professional painter will discuss this with you if needed.


Contact us today if your home’s exterior requires a new painting, or if you just have questions about painting your residential, commercial, or government property. Painter Bros has the solution for you.