Commercial Painting Professionals and What to Expect from Painter Bros

professional commercial painting supplies

Paint enthusiasts and interior designers everywhere will tell you that hiring a professional for a painting job can mean all the difference in the world. This is even more warranted for commercial painting, where, to properly portray your company image, results must come out exactly as intended. The best possible way to do this would be through commercial painting project management.

In this article, we will elaborate on exactly why you need a painting project management service and why you’d be better off with a commercial painter.


Why Commercial Painting Services?


If you’ve held a paintbrush and actually tried to paint a room before, you’ll agree that the task is not as easy as it appears.  It is really a delicate art that can turn out extremely messy if not done right. And seeing as it is on a much grander scale, commercial painting is vastly more frustrating. This is where a painting project management service comes in. Simply hand the headache over to the specialists and let them do it for you.

These individuals are thoroughly trained to do that sole task of painting. With their experience, you can rest assured that the job is done on time and completed to perfection. Other benefits you stand to gain from a project management service include:


  • Broader knowledge of the field — Painter Bros contractors and painters have extensive experience in the field. They will help with decisions such as choosing the best color for your commercial space while considering the nature of your business, surroundings, and architectural style. We also have essential relationships with suppliers, thereby ensuring you get the best price and product.
  • Strategic approach — Following tried and tested painting procedures, these services seamlessly operate to produce high-quality results every time. Everything from paint preparation to clean up and disposal is well-coordinated, so you get exactly what you asked for.
  • Modern tools and equipment — The professionals at Painter Bros are also continually updating their tools and equipment with technology. This way, your building is subjected to the best treatment, so it gets that clean, spotless finish.
  • A more flexible approach — We strive to deliver according to your schedule. Our team is flexible so we can deliver on time and according to your budget.


Painter Bros Professional Painting Company


As you’ve seen, hiring a painting project management service is undoubtedly the better alternative. But then again, not all professional painters are made equal. Painter Bros has commercial painters who are specifically suited for commercial properties. Commercial buildings will need more painters to cover the larger space on time. For this reason, Painter Bros will assign a greater number of painters for your project. Painter Bros deals with many different surfaces on a larger scale. You can expect us to use more complex tools like sandblasters, pressure washers, scaffolding, sprayers, and aerial lifters. Since there are more moving parts, our commercial painters are trained to focus on safety. Additionally, we will make use of industrial-grade paints and coatings.

Painter Bros also offers a wider range of additional services when compared to other professional painting companies. This includes industrial coating, surface preparation, waterproof coating, roof coating, joint expansion sealing, sandblasting, brick waterproofing and metalizing. Our commercial painters will emphasize on productivity and maximizing efficiency when painting to avoid any business disruptions.




By now, you’ve seen the impact that a painting project management service can have on your commercial property. It not only allows you the expert opinion of professionals in the field but also lends you a vast array of other tools that will get the job done as seamlessly as possible.

At Painter Bros, our primary aim is to help your space live up to its highest potential. We boast an arsenal of all the modern equipment and a team of skilled painters who will transform any commercial building according to your exact specifications.  Contact us today and get started.