Is the chilly weather and gray skies bringing you down this holiday season? There’s nothing better to cheer you up than to receive a complete makeover in your home.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
There is nothing more elegant than a room painted the color of the infamous Tiffany’s jewelry boxes. A stunning diamond studded necklace is carefully placed on a pillow of soft white velvet enclosed in a secure blue egg-shell colored box ready to surprise it’s eager recipient. Your home as well can instill those feelings of joy, worthiness and surprise to all those who enter it.

I’m Blue da ba dee da ba daa
This color shouts the color blue in the most pure way. Even with half the room represented by white the blue still outshines the rest. Although this shade might be too loud for some it offers a futuristic and modern feel

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE
The meaning of the color blue is loyalty and trust. What a wonderful way to feel when first walking into a home, it is inviting and gives a sense of protection. These homeowners had the right idea by painting their entryway blue which welcomes every guest to a safe place.

And we were like baby, baby, baby blue
The sweet baby blue doesn’t always need to be used in the nursery but offers a bright, calming effect in any setting. The light that shines into the room isn’t absorbed by the color but bounces off the walls causing the light blue to brighten the whole room. This particular room pictured above is paired with a soft grey and a warm brown wood.

In a blue galaxy far, far away
Hallways are more often forgotten when a home is being decorated. However, those who choose to add some color to this small area are utilizing a great space! It is common to hang up pictures, paintings, plaques, achievements and more to the walls creating a timeline of your life as they make their way down to the rest of the home. In the photo above they used this space by adding some frames filled with photos and art, as well has a rug that runs along the whole hallway and even placed a decorative chair in a convenient spot to utilize every aspect of the home. But what stands out against the rest is the dark, stormy blue that bleeds across the walls. Although this color can appear to be gloomy it is beautiful and pleasant to the eye as you use it correctly. By using the white paint for trim it brightens the blue paint. As well as adding all the different elements to the space (furniture, rug, framed pictures, etc.) it makes the hallway an enjoyable space. We really love this blue because on it’s own it can be a little much, bleak and flat but all the other elements that were added allows the color to pop!

Under the Sea!
The paint is always better in somebody else’s space. You dream of a home just like that, a color that you’d embrace.

We think that you will love this color! This blue has a hint of green which gives it that underwater feel. In the picture above the trim on the windows were even painted this teal color which furthers the vision of being underwater, looking through the window at the world on land. This is a fun color to have in your home while it still offers a professional look.

We uh would uh like to wish you a very Merry Blue Blue Blue Blue Christmas uh huh huh! Thank you very much!