Best Color Choices for Your Outdoor Oasis


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Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, particularly in the summer. Deciding on stain or paint colors can seem intimidating for these spaces, but it doesn’t have to be.  Many of the same design principles that apply to your indoor spaces also apply to decks, patios, and porches.  Your home is your personal oasis, and whatever you choose will be perfect for you and your family. However, below are some considerations that might make your choice a little easier.


Bring the Indoors Out


When deciding the best colors for your outdoor spaces, consider complimenting your indoor spaces with similar hues outside. This truly makes your outdoor space an extension of the indoors. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean that you use the same colors, but if you have mostly neutral shades indoors, you may choose a new color that still falls in the neutral family. An example may be a cool blue if your indoor walls are shades of gray. Likewise, if your interior is bright and tropical, carrying that theme outdoors will bring cohesiveness to your design. For example, a tropical green color inside could be complemented with vibrant orange outside.


Create an Outdoor Oasis


By contrast, you can treat your outdoor space as a vacation getaway regardless of your interior’s design. In this case, consider the feeling you wish to evoke. Dark blue, light blue, cream, and beige bring to mind a Cape-Cod vibe. Greens and taupes work well with traditional homes and provide garden getaway tranquility. Cool blues and greens bring to mind ocean waves. Imagine a vacation waiting each day just outside your door.


Keep it Simple


If you tend to be more fluid in your design choices and want the flexibility to change your mind with the seasons, traditional choices can keep your deck and patio spaces timeless while you personalize using accessories. For example, traditional cedar or dark gray deck stain colors provide flexibility and hide footprints and dirt. Likewise, white or off-white screened-in porch or patio walls with a contrasting pale blue ceiling provide interest while leaving plenty of room for design creativity.


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Ultimately, while these guidelines may help, let your personality and flair guide you. Whatever stain or paint colors you choose, Painter Bros is here to help bring your outdoor vision to life.