Benefits of High Quality Paint

A lot goes into the making of a successful paint job. A skilled hand, nice design, good set of tools all have a part to play, but what really separates the jokers from the legends is, hands down, the quality of paint you use.

You may have the most modern equipment and play everything by the book, but it is impossible to achieve that clean, professional-looking result without good quality paint. It’s everything from the value and consistency of the solvents to superior surface adhesion in the paint that come together to bring out a work of art that’ll stand the test of time.

Still need more convincing? Here are a few other benefits you stand to gain on high-quality paint.

brush hangs over paint

1.       Better adhesion

Part of what distinguishes high and low-quality paint is the quality of resin used. High-quality resin adheres better to surfaces and will, therefore, naturally last longer. Ideally, the very high-quality paints would be made from 100% fine acrylic latex. And that is what you want to go for.

2.       Looks better

Good-quality paints will always come out a little more visually appealing. This is because the paints are thicker. And this allows them to spread over the surface more evenly. This property also ensures that you don’t leave any distinct brush marks as you paint.

3.       Easy to maintain

High-quality paints are typically made dirt and grime-resistant. They don’t allow dirt to sink in, making the cleaning process a breeze. These paints are also made tougher and scrub resistant. You get to freely scrub your walls without damaging the surface.

4.       Easy to apply

High-quality paints will also require less effort to apply. You won’t need to apply more coats for it to look good. Consequently, this allows you to finish the job faster, using fewer cans of paint.

5.       Is block resistant

High-quality paints are more block resistant, meaning that the paint is less susceptible to stick. You can comfortably apply the paint on any surface, including windows and doors, without the frames sticking together.

6.       Has mold and mildew resistance

While most manufacturers today make their paints mildew and mold resistant, these agents are generally better in high-quality paints. With this, you can rest assured that your home will never lose its curb appeal.

7.       Minimal splatter

As we saw, high-quality paints tend to be thicker. But other than making it easier to apply, this thickness prevents paint flecks from dripping away or splattering. It’s therefore safe to say that high-quality paints are less likely to cause a mess, which means you spend less time cleaning up.


At the end of the day, high-quality paint will always be the better option. It looks better, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain. Sure, you might have to spend a few more coins, but you’ll find it a worthy investment in the long run.

Of course, when it comes to painting, you stand to get better results with a professional painter by your side. And that’s exactly what Painter Bros is here for. For any inquiries or information on matters concerning paint, don’t hesitate to contact us today and chat with one of our agents.