Heat Reflective Paint & Color Selection


empty room painted with heat reflective paint


We are approaching the hot season again! How can you maintain ideal temperatures in your home? How can you save money on your electricity bill? You can use heat reflective paint together with proper color selection to keep your home comfortable.


What is Heat Reflective Paint?

Heat reflective paint refers to a specific type of paint designed to reflect the rays from sunlight while absorbing less heat in the process. Painters usually use this paint to maintain the room temperature that is ideal for human habitation.


The Benefits of Using Heat Reflective Paint

When your roof absorbs less heat, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for false ceiling
  • Easy cleaning because it does not contain solvents
  • Saves you money on electricity bills
  • Maintains an ideal room temperature
  • Coats the surface perfectly


Why Color Selection is Vital for Your Home

There is a common notion that people believe painting your roof or ceiling white will reflect the light from the sun, therefore reducing the heat in the room. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you should only stick to the white color only.

Professionals at Painter Bros can blend some colors for you that will still reflect the light from the sun while keeping your home easy on the eye.

Some of the factors to consider when picking the perfect paint color for your home include the design and overall look of your property.


Integrating Heat Reflective Paint with Perfect Color Selection for a Cooler Home

At Painter Bros, we are experienced, trusted, and licensed to provide quality painting services. Whether it’s for commercial painting or residential painting, we have innovative painters that will meet your needs.

With the hot season approaching, you do not have to pay huge electricity bills to regulate the temperature in your home. Our painters are trained to use heat reflective paints and pick colors that blend with the design of your house.

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