When it comes to improving your home the baseboards are often left to be the same color. The different colors that you choose to use for trim and baseboards will give a different effect to the space. Whether you are going for a more traditional look or a bold statement here are some ideas to achieve exactly what you want!

You can’t get anymore basic then when it comes to white baseboards and trim. This is of course the most popular/typical color of choice. Even though it is most common white is a great color and most often times the best choice! When choosing white paint we recommend you do it when you have walls that are painted a neutral color, it helps to give the illusion that the walls themselves aren’t colorless or bland. If you have bold walls it helps to break up the stark color. And if you simply can’t decide white is a great choice that you can never go wrong with!

Black is a timeless paint color choice that you will never have to worry about going out of style. The black trim around a door or wall frames it like a picture. It is a classic bold statement that draws attention to itself but if used correctly can help center the eye on the furniture or walls.

Whether you are going for a modern or more rustic feel, by adding wood trim to your home it gives it a welcoming vibe. It is most common to match the wood to your floor but it also can look great by using even a shade darker or lighter for the trim.

Gray is a great color to use because it can be seen as a traditional or modern feel. Gray isn’t a bold or bright color so by using it it will do best by highlighting the more bold color or brighter color that you would like as the center of the attention.