Walking in the life of the Painter

A Day in the Life of a Painter

We have been pleasantly surprised that so many of you, both new and repeat clients, ask our painters how a day in the life is. So, here’s the scoop. Some days or weeks are quite similar. However, this isn’t always the case. We go where the job is, and where or what we’re currently painting sometimes differs so much from the most recently completed project. Yet, here at Painter Bros, some things are constant – the quality of work we do, our dedication to client satisfaction, and our customer service.


Our official hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, so you can expect us at your home or site between 7 and 8 o’clock in the morning. However, an alternate time can be chosen depending on the customer’s availability. A team will normally have around two to five painters and their apprentices, though a larger project, such as a commercial property, will need more people.


On our first day at your site, the crew leader will introduce themselves and their team. He/she will lead a walkthrough of the premise(s) to ascertain the scope of the job. Once done, the setup procedures can then commence. We will then assess safety considerations and finally begin each room’s prep work. Here are a few examples of what prepping the surfaces for painting entails:

  • They may remove old or peeling paint
  • Filling of joints, cracks, or holes with plaster, putty, caulk, or other fillers
  • Smoothing surfaces via sandpaper, scrapers, or steel wool
  • Applying sealers or primers on new surfaces
  • When working above ground level, painters erect swing gates or scaffolding
  • Covering furniture and other immovable surfaces with paper or dropcloths

Once the first day is done, the team leader will converse with the client to check whether they have any concerns or questions.

About the paint

One of the crew will bring supplies and the paint to be used before starting on the job. If it’s a big project, the paint supplier may make the delivery to your site. The paint buckets or cans are sorted to determine which room is served by what color. Painting can then commence. Regardless of whether we’re painting a single room, two rooms, or a commercial setup, we’ll use the top-down approach to color your surfaces. This entails starting with the ceilings, and then working one’s way down to the walls, and lastly, the trims.

What do we do in the afternoon?

Our afternoon starts off with lunch. This is usually around noon to 1 o’clock. We’ll then resume work on the site until the end of the day. However, if the customer has an atypical schedule, they may talk things over with the contractor to determine what hours work best for them. An hour prior to the close of business, we’ll begin cleanup. In the case where a room is finished or the client requests the room to be usable after our painters have left, our crew will ensure the room is mess-free. If the customer approves of an unfinished room remaining the way it is, then our people will leave everything set up for an early start the following day.


That’s it! Painter Bros is here to ensure the customer gets what they want efficiently. Our professionals are enthusiastic, competent, and always have an ear to any changes, concerns, or modifications you may have. That’s what the team leader and contractor are for. If you’re ready to liven up your residential or commercial property today, contact us today for a free estimate.