We each have a seemingly never-ending list of To do’s , especially when it comes to the home. Whether it’s repair or you are simply in need of a change, Painter Bros is there to ease the burden! Here are 4 signs that your house is in need of a paint job.


The major cause of fading paint is the sun. There is no way to avoid it, no paint that is immune to it, after an extended period of time those brilliant rays of light start to wear away at the walls leaving them looking worn and washed out. A fresh coat of paint will give it pop that it needs, leaving your house in pristine condition!

Cracking & Peeling

There are a number of causes for paint to chip and peel. Most causes are derived from an outside source working it’s way in-between the paint and surface. When the paint was first applied the area might not have been cleaned properly leaving residue underneath making it difficult for the paint to stick. Or after time moisture works it’s way through the walls separating the paint from it’s surface. Or simply just age, unfortunately paint will not last forever, over time the strength in the paint begins to weaken creating cracks. With this issue our company will scrape away the unappealing flakes and coat it with your color of choice making it look brand new!

Chalky Residue

Swipe your hand across the interior and exterior walls of your home, if a chalky-like substance remains on your hands is a sign that the paint has begun to deteriorate. This is a desirable way for your paint to fade, as it is easy to paint over and even is helpful in removing the dirt off the walls.


Every so often we all need a change of pace, a new beginning! There are those in need of an adjustment who cut their hair or mix up their style of clothes, but we highly recommend a fresh splash of color! It doesn’t matter if you are feeling the bright, vibrant colors or want a more mellow and serene atmosphere, it’s your home, so make it yours!

Painter Bros is here for you to tackle that list of To do’s, leaving you feeling accomplished! Call us today for your free quote!